Engineering & Architectural Design

Skills gained in this program will prepare students for further training in design fields such as engineering and architecture. Students wishing to pursue further education in engineering/architecture will gain a positive “step-up” in college by taking this class in high school.

The major focus of this course is to provide students the opportunity to investigate various types of engineering and similar high-tech careers. Students will be trained in the use of 3D modeling design software, the documentation and communication of problem solutions, statics and strength of materials, materials testing and an introduction to dynamics/kinematics.

Students will work on real-world projects and develop real-world solutions to problems. They will learn to utilize multiple hand and shop tools, along with a mini-CNC mill & lathe and a 3D printer. Projects that students will be involved in will include: balsa-wood tower and bridge design and testing; paper airplane design, modeling and testing; water rockets; Estes rockets; mouse-trap cars; Lego Mindstorm robots; small composite projects; and wind, water and solar projects.

Engineering and Architecture students     Engineering student