RSU 1's Certification Board consists of teachers from all grade levels (elementary, middle, secondary and vocational) along with a Board Chair and an administrator. The current members of the Board are as follows:

  • Sue Michaud, Board Chair

  • Romy Polizotto - Phippsburg Elementary School

  • Kim Plummer - Woolwich Central School

  • Larissa Costello - Dike-Newell School

  • Linda Armstrong - Fisher-Mitchell School

  • Pam Doe - Bath Middle School

  • Gretchen Sequeira - Bath Tech

  • Shelley Nutter - Morse High School

  • Katie Joseph - Central Office

The Certification Board meets every third Tuesday of the month at Bath Tech at 3:30 PM. You may contact Board Chair Sue Michaud at ssaucier@rsu1.org.

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