RSU1 students may submit completed Work Permit Applications to the Superintendent's Office by emailing Kim Burgess or mailing to:

Regional School Unit 1
34 Wing Farm Parkway
Bath, ME  04530

Maine Work Permit Application

Maine Child Labor Laws


Once a completed Work Permit Application is received at the Superintendent's Office, the RSU1 Issuing Officer verifies the student's information, consults with the school administrator and signs the work permit if approved by the school administrator . The form is then sent to the Maine Department of Labor for their approval. If approved, a copy of the approved work permit will be emailed or mailed back to the student to bring to their employer. If denied, a letter will be issued stating the DOL's reasoning. 


Q: Do I need to provide a copy of my birth certificate?

A: If you are currently an RSU1 student: No, you do not. We will use our school records to verify your information.
If you are student who lives within the district and are homeschooled or attending a private school outside of RSU1: Yes, we will need a copy of your birth certificate in order to process your Work Permit Application.

Q: Do I need to have a job offer first?

A: Yes. You will need a job offer prior to completing your Work Permit Application. You will see on the application that in order for it to be complete you need to supply information on who your employer will be, your job title & duties, as well as your starting wage.