Nursing Services

The RSU1 Nurses are available at all RSU1 schools and dedicated to providing students with the care and guidance they need throughout the school year. RSU1 Nurses are available to meet with parents and guardians to discuss any student’s healthcare needs. If you need to speak to the school nurse, please call the school’s main office and ask to speak with the school nurse. Contact information is also listed at the bottom of this page.

All RSU1 Nurses are licensed to practice nursing in Maine and are certified by the Maine Department of Education.


Katrina Barter, BSN, RN
Morse High School and Bath Tech
ph: (207) 443-8250
fax: (207) 443-8268

Diana Hixon, MEd., BSN, RN
Bath Middle School
ph: (207) 443-8270
fax: (207) 386-1744

Megan Bullock, BSN, RN
Woolwich Central School
ph: (207) 443-9739
fax: (207) 443-9792

Dawn Dill, BSN, RN
Dike-Newell School
ph: (207) 443-8285
fax: (207) 443-8288

Ricki Waltz, BSN, RN
Fisher-Mitchell School
ph: (207) 443-8265
fax: (207) 443-4167

Brandi Tainter, MHA, BSN, RN
Phippsburg Elementary School
ph: (207) 389-1514
fax: (207) 389-1516