The RSU 1 Board of Directors welcomes and encourages the use of school volunteers in our schools. School volunteer programs must provide adequate screening and reasonable supervision of volunteers based upon the amount of student contact and adequate training of volunteers.

Before a person can volunteer, he or she will be screened through a background check. The objective of screening is to ensure, so far as is reasonably possible, that students are safe in school environments. Volunteers are bound by the standards of conduct applicable to school employees. The principal/designee may terminate the services of a volunteer if he/she deems it to be appropriate. RSU 1 reserves the right to decline the services of a volunteer at any time, for any reason. Volunteers whose history demonstrates a risk to the safety or well-being of students and staff will be denied participation. Among the factors taken into consideration is the nature of the offense, the age of the person at the time of the offense, and the amount of time between the date of the offense and the date of the application. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be satisfied that volunteers be of sufficient moral character so as not to represent a danger to students and staff.


  • Registered sex offenders;

  • Currently on probation;

  • Conviction of or Plea of No Contest to any felony;

  • Conviction of or Plea of No Contest to any misdemeanor that indicates the volunteer may pose a threat to the integrity or safety of the school environment;

  • More than one OUI;

  • A pattern of criminal charges, even if the charges were dismissed, which causes concerns that the volunteer may pose a threat to the integrity or safety of the school environment.

Adopted: February 27, 2012


"I understand that the primary role of a volunteer is to support the mission of the school. I am not placed in a disciplinary role with students. I also understand that I am not in school to evaluate teachers or staff. All information about students is federally protected, and I clearly understand that I cannot share personal or private information or photographs regarding students with others. Sharing such information is not only a violation of this law; it also places me in a position of being held accountable for such confidentiality breach. My signature below constitutes an understanding of the above statement and authorizes Regional School Unit 1 to conduct a background check on me for the safety and well-being of the students."

RSU 1 Volunteer Registration Form

RSU 1 is now using an electronic Volunteer Registration process. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our schools, please complete the registration form here: RSU 1 Volunteer Registration Form, 2023-2024.

RSU 1 Volunteer Registration Form, 2023-2024, French
RSU 1 Volunteer Registration Form, 2023-2024, Portuguese
RSU 1 Volunteer Registration Form, 2023-2024, Chinese
RSU 1 Volunteer Registration Form, 2023-2024, Spanish

Anyone who is interested in volunteering in RSU 1 schools is asked to complete the Volunteer Registration Form. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully.  These forms are completed on a yearly basis to generate a new volunteer list for the RSU 1 district for each school year.