RSU 1 is participating in a program called Special Provision II, which means Free and Reduced Meal Applications will not need to be completed for the 2023-2024 school year, but all students will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch.

However, in order to still receive funding for different school programs, we do still need to collect economic status information.  The economic status form is located in the annual update paperwork within the Infinite Campus online registration portal.  This new way of collecting annual paperwork will launch on August 28th.  Please be watching your email for more information.  

Why do we need the economic status form completed?

You might be wondering why we are asking all families to fill out the economic status form when breakfast and lunch are automatically free for all students in the district this year.  School districts are required to report individual student information for the purpose of state funding through the Essential Programs & Services Funding act (EPS) and other federal and state individual student information requirements.  Household income helps to determine state and federal funding to support your school’s educational, nutrition, and enrichment programs.  

Here is why it is important to complete the form by September 8, 2023:

  • RSU 1 received $1,177,479.00 in additional cost allocations on our state funding form for the 2022/2023 school year based on the prior year’s free and reduced meal status.

  • RSU 1 received over $567,976 in Title I funds from the federal government to support literacy and math instruction in our schools.  This pays the salaries of 5 teachers who work directly with students on reading and math instruction.  It also supports the purchase of materials, community engagement activities, and transportation for students with unstable housing.  

Without the support of the funds noted above, the local taxpayers would have to make up the 1.7 million dollar difference or RSU 1 would have to cut programming for students.

This form does not require you to share your income information with a federal agency.  The RSU 1 economic status form allows us to count qualifying students for federal dollars.