Dear Staff, Parents, Guardians, and Community Members:

Before we know it, we will begin to experience snowy weather. We will likely have to close schools occasionally this winter due to poor road conditions. School closures are communicated through our school messaging system via phone/email, district website, Facebook, and television news channels. RSU 1 will always do its best to make the right call; however, please know we understand that it is the parent/guardian who makes the final decisions regarding the safety of their student(s). If there is ever a circumstance where school has not been canceled or delayed, yet you feel as though it is best to keep your child home because of road conditions, we respect your decision to do so.   

This year, the plan is to use traditional snow days for the first two storm days. Any snow day after these first two will be a remote learning day for all students. Principals will be sharing remote learning expectations soon with families. By doing this schedule, this means that June 14th is the last day of school this year. Recently, the Board of Directors voted in favor of requesting a waiver by the Maine Department of Education for the two days we had to cancel school in October for safety reasons. 

One requirement of the Maine Department of Education for a countable remote learning day is that school lunches must be made available to students each day. School lunches will be available prior to the storm days through our nutrition department. These meals are available at no cost for students enrolled in RSU 1. To sign up to receive these meals, please use this LINK. Please complete this form by Friday, December 8th. If you have questions about remote meals, please contact Melissa Cole, Director of School Nutrition, at or at 443-6601. 


Patrick Manuel