International Club

This year, Morse High School is host to 6 exchange students, coming from all over the world.  These students are members of the newly formed International Club at the high school. The International Club was created with the intent of giving Morse students a view of the different cultures from different parts of the world.    Each month, International Club students give a presentation about their country. Kazakhstan, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Mexico are all represented at Morse High this year.   Students from the Bath area are also members of the international club.

One such student, Natalie Emmerson, and her family are hosting an exchange student, Akku
Shaimerdenova from Kazakhstan, in their home. “I have several reasons for joining but Akku is
my host sister. My family is hosting her while she’s here. So obviously joining means I get to
learn more about her country but it’s really interesting to learn about the other countries that
are represented as well,” says Emmerson.

The International Club is giving our community an opportunity to learn about another culture.
On February 17th from 6pm – 8pm, Morse High School will hold its first International Night. The
International Club members have invited exchange students placed throughout Maine to come
and present. Each Exchange Student will have their own table to display information on their
home country. Attendees will have a passport to stamp at each table they visit. Students will
perform songs and dances customary to their countries as well as offer traditional snacks and
treats. Many of the students are as excited to learn about each other’s country as they are to
share information about their own, as Elsa Tuexen from Germany explains, “ I came to the US
to learn about other cultures. So, the opportunity to learn even more from kids from other
countries is great and also I get to share about Germany in return.”